Why Study in UK?

Internationally recognised and respected qualifications

A UK qualification is recognized and respected globally. There are over 450,000 international students from all corners of the world studying in the UK. These ambassadors of UK education return to their countries upon graduation and move on to successful careers. UK graduates are also in high demand from major corporate globally.

Tradition of excellence

UK universities have long enjoyed a worldwide reputation for excellence. Our qualifications are recognized and well-renowned internationally. A degree from a well-respected UK university will place you ahead of many other students around the world when you graduate.

A unique approach to learning

British universities encourage you to think for yourself. At University of the Arts London (UAL) students thrive in a challenging and inspiring environment. They are encouraged to question, take creative risks and work independently. As a result, they graduate as professional, mature, entrepreneurial and highly employable practitioners.

Flexibility and choice

The UK education system is flexible so you can study in a way that suits your lifestyle and career goals. At UK we offer a huge choice of arts and design courses at all levels from foundation to postgraduate, so you can carve your own study path as your interests and expertise evolve. We also offer many online and short courses, part-time study options and Study Abroad programs.


The UK is a truly multicultural society, with a wonderful mix of people from different backgrounds. As a student here, you'll get to know people from all over the world and be inspired by many cultures.

Improve your English

Students who are non-native English speakers can greatly improve their English language skills by studying at university in the UK. The Language Center at UK provides comprehensive English language support for non-native English speaking students before and throughout their entire degree, so that they can graduate with an excellent command of the language.

Length of study

UK university degrees are shorter than degrees in most other countries. Most UK BA degrees take three years and MA degrees one year to complete.

Subsidised healthcare

The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK’s government-run health service, which provides treatment and healthcare for UK residents, including free consultations with a doctor. International students on a full-time course of six months or more can use the NHS on the same basis as UK nationals.

Work part-time while you study

International students in the UK are usually allowed to work up to 20 hours per week part-time while they study. You should check the rules for your country.

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